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Bagel platter

Fresh cocktail size bagels filled with an assortment of cold meats, cheeses, vegetables & tasty spreads

Small R375.00 Add
Large R550.00 Add

Breakfast pastry platter

A selection of cocktail breakfast pastries such as muffins, scones, doughnuts & croissants, served with portions of butter and jam.

Small R330.00 Add
Large R465.00 Add

Canapés platter

A selection of bite sized savoury Danish pastries with cream cheese and;
• Eggplant with grilled baby marrow
• Bacon with roasted red pepper
• Avocado salsa with salmon
• Tomato relish with olive
• Spinach & feta with artichoke

Small R300.00 Add
Large R380.00 Add

Cheese platter

A selection of local & imported cheeses, served with grissini.

Small R460.00 Add
Large R530.00 Add

Children's party platter

Cocktail hotdogs, mini beef burgers, mini chicken burgers, fish cakes, chicken fingers, mini pizzas & chicken nuggets

Small R355.00 Add
Large R475.00 Add

Cocktail prego platter

Freshly baked cocktail Portuguese rolls filled with tender grilled beef and chicken fillets in our home made prego sauce.

Small R370.00 Add
Large R540.00 Add

Cocktail sandwich platter

A selection of healthy & nutritious alternatives served in fresh cocktail rolls.

Small R340.00 Add
Large R450.00 Add

Cold meats platter

A selection of thinly sliced local and imported cold meat from our deli.

Small R460.00 Add
Large R580.00 Add

Continental sandwich platter

A selection of cold cuts, cheese & grilled vegetables served between slices of fresh Italian bread.

Small R370.00 Add
Large R460.00 Add

Crudités platter

A selection of pickled & fresh seasonal vegetable sticks served with dip.

Small R370.00 Add
Large R475.00 Add

Executive hot pastry

A selection of pastries such as Cocktail Spinach & Feta Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Ham & Cheese Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Assorted pies, Spanakopita, Tiropita, Cocktail Quiches & Cheese Griller Puffs which can be served hot or cold.

Small R385.00 Add
Large R490.00 Add

Filled croissant breakfast platter

Fresh plain croissants with a selection of savoury breakfast fillings including: Bacon & egg, ham, cheese & tomato, egg & beef sausage.

Small R345.00 Add
Large R480.00 Add

Finger snacks

A selection of bite sized finger foods which can be served either hot or cold: Meatballs, honey & mustard chicken kebabs, mini pizza bruschettas, Turkish kebabs & cocktail croquettes.

Small R360.00 Add
Large R430.00 Add

Fresh fruit skewer platter

An assortment of fresh seasonal fruit skewers served with Greek yoghurt & berry compote

Small R375.00 Add
Large R565.00 Add

Hot meat platter

A selection of bite sized meaty treats that can be served hot or cold: meatballs, beef kebabs, chicken kebabs, sausages wrapped in bacon & rotisserie chicken pieces

Small R375.00 Add
Large R550.00 Add

Hot pastry platter

A selection of cooked pastries which can be served either hot or cold: Samoosas, spanakopita, tiropita, cocktail quiches, mini pizza squares, spring rolls & sausage rolls.

Small R355.00 Add
Large R480.00 Add

Italian roll platter

A selection of cold meats, cheeses, & grilled vegetables served on freshly baked Italian rolls.

Small R355.00 Add
Large R470.00 Add

Meze platter

A classic taste of the Greek Isles with meatballs, beef souvlaki, dolmades, spanakopita, tiropita, marinated vegetables, grilled halloumi cheese, breads & dips

Small R375.00 Add
Large R535.00 Add

Open sandwich platter

Fresh slices of French baguette topped with cheese & tomato, chicken mayonnaise, roast beef & mustard, pickled vegetable & mozzarella cheese.

Small R350.00 Add
Large R450.00 Add

Proudly South African platter

A taste of some of SA's favourites: cocktail mince vetkoek, mini boerie rolls, grilled chicken pieces & bobotie tartlets

Small R370.00 Add
Large R490.00 Add

Rissoles platter

A selection cocktail rissoles which can be served either hot or cold: Prawn, tuna, chicken, beef & cheese.

Small R320.00 Add
Large R485.00 Add

Smoked salmon platter

Fresh slices of rye bread topped with cream cheese & smoked salmon with slices of lemon & capers.

Small R410.00 Add
Large R500.00 Add

Sweet platter

A variety of cocktail size pastries: petit fours, Greek biscuits, nut slices, Florentines, chocolate brownies & jam tartlets

Small R370.00 Add
Large R490.00 Add

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